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iContact Camera vs Opal Review

Published on: March 17, 2024
Read Time: 4 minutes

Ryan is providing feedback on the iContact Pro camera, comparing its performance to the OPL camera and the Sony a7S III.

He appreciates the positioning of the iContact Pro but is disappointed with its poor camera quality, which makes it unusable for his purposes.

Despite facing a window with closed blinds, Ryan demonstrates that the iContact Pro fails to adjust its brightness effectively, unlike the OPL camera which can darken the image significantly. The iContact Pro’s HDR mode further degrades the image quality.

Ryan attempted to use filters in OBS to fix the issues but found that the iContact Pro’s image quality was too low to salvage. He notes that the OPL camera has a superior dynamic range and overall quality.

Ryan likes that the iContact Pro shows more of his microphone and is expecting a new custom microphone that he wishes to display, but the camera quality is a dealbreaker.

He then showcases the Sony a7S III with a 50mm f/1.2 lens, highlighting its high-quality standard and excellent autofocus, to illustrate what he considers good camera quality. Despite the shortcomings of the iContact Pro, Ryan plans to feature it in an upcoming review to give viewers a firsthand look at its performance.

What Ryan Talks About In The Video:

1: Introduction

  • Purpose: Provide feedback on iContact Pro camera outputs
  • Comparison: Between iContact Pro and OPL camera

2: Video Quality

  • Opal Camera: Higher quality, handles low light well, demonstrated brightness adjustment in OBS
  • iContact Pro: Poor quality, unusable due to poor performance

3: Camera Settings & Performance

  • Brightness Control: Limited with iContact Pro, issues with darkness
  • Environment: Setup facing a window with blinds shut
  • Auto Mode: iContact Pro struggles with auto-adjustment
  • HDR: Deteriorates quality when used with iContact Pro

4: Software Integration

  • OBS Filters: Attempts to enhance iContact Pro image quality
  • Result: Enhancements insufficient due to inherent low quality

5: Visibility Concerns

  • iContact Pro: Causes face to be blown out and invisible
  • Opal Camera: Provides better range and visibility

6: Additional Hardware

  • Microphone Visibility: Better shown with iContact Pro
  • Custom Mic: Anticipation for a new mic with improved visibility

7: Benchmark Comparison

  • Sony a7S III with 50mm f/1.2 Lens: High standard for camera quality and auto-focus
  • Goal: Improve iContact Pro quality, not necessarily to match Sony’s level

8: Final Decision

  • iContact Pro: Rejected due to quality concerns
  • Future Plans: Feedback will be incorporated in an upcoming review

9: Visual Demonstration

  • Side-by-Side: Comparison between Opal and iContact Pro cameras
  • Live Example: Demonstrating camera performance using OBS

Hey guys, want to give you some feedback here on the outputs of the iContact Pro. So this video looks good because I’m using the OPL camera which is what’s showing above here as we can see in OBS here. So this is the OPL, this is the iContact Pro. While I obviously love the position coming down further and looking into the camera, I think the concept there is good.

It is not, the camera quality is just so poor that I’m not even going to be able to use this. So I’m inside the little app right now here. This is the brightness at the least level. Now granted I am kind of facing a window, my blinds are shut and so you can see the OPL was able to go much darker and I can even go darker than that. This is as dark as it gets in the iContact camera app. This is the auto mode and so this is me turning this off and going as dark as it is right now. Obviously it could go a lot whiter and it would just completely blow me out here. That’s the only thing to adjust here. HDR only makes it worse.

So that’s pretty much it. I tried to do some filters in OBS but I’m not, the image quality is so low it’s just not going to make sense. So again this is not, you can’t even see my face, it’s all blown out. Here is the OPL and I can even go more extreme with this. And I could even do something like this and get even darker so you can just see how much range the OPL has and how good of a camera quality that is compared to iContact here which is just not going to cut it.

I do even like the fact that it shows a bit more of my mic when I am talking this way. I have a new custom one coming in later today so I would like that to show but the camera quality is not going to cut it. So this is again showing the OPL and then this is showing my camera over here. So this is a Sony a7S III with a 50mm f/1.2. So this is the standard for camera quality. So pretty high range here. It’s going to auto focus on me as well so it does an amazing job naturally.

So that’s like the standard. The standard obviously wasn’t looking for that, it was just looking for better quality this way and this is why I am not going to be using the iContact camera. I am going to be doing a review and going to be using this in a review but I just wanted you guys to sort of see what’s coming out first.

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