See you in November, Stockholm.


Photo Credit: Sweden Nordic Visitor

Photo Credit: Sweden Nordic Visitor

Monday afternoon, 3pm and I randomly booked a trip to Stockholm, Sweden for this fall. Why? Because I haven’t been to Sweden before. That is the only reason I needed.

2016 is a year of action. In business, in relationships, in adventure…in life.

I’m not getting any younger for any of these. I haven’t traveled as much as I would have liked to at this point in my life. I didn’t really grow up seeing much outside the Midwest in general. North Dakota is a pretty land-locked and isolated state. I’d like to make up for lost time.

What am I going to do in Sweden?

Sweden Northern Lights

Photo Credit – Ann Bean – “Phenomenal phenomena”

Well, for one thing, I’m going to take my camera and capture the Northern Lights. That’s for damn sure. I’ll probably bring an extra bag with and get presents for the awesome people in my life at the Swedish Christmas Markets.

Also, I’ll explore more of my heritage.

I’ve looked into my family tree using a few different systems and I have Swedish heritage. I think it will be fun to see where my ancestry came from generations ago. It will help me have a better understanding of who I am. Also, a broader world view.

Things I will always invest in during my life:

  • Travel

  • Education

  • Friends/Family

  • My Passions

No amount of money is too great to spend on these things. Everyone has their own definition of what it is to be “rich”. And for me, money isn’t that. I love money, don’t get me wrong. It enables me to do things like book trips on a Monday afternoon for no good reason. But in my opinion it’s just a tool to do the things I value in life, and those aren’t materials.

Ticket Proof

Ticket Proof

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