The $26k Mastermind, Sundance Film Festival, Digital Marketing is a Game


The 26k Mastermind.

I’ve been very blessed to have been apart of Jeff Walker’s team the past year and a half. In being apart of the team, I some of the best perks a Growth Minded Digital Marketer could ever ask for.

I get insights and to be apart of one of the best Masterminds out there.

Mastermind are crucial for high level Entrepreneurs (like Jeff Walker). When you get some leverage in your business, you need to start investing in multipliers. A mastermind is a definite multiplier.

The goal of a Mastermind is to surround yourself with others who are in your space (on this scenario, Digital Marketing). Yet, they don’t do exactly what you do – meaning, not everyone is an Email Marketing Ninja. They are there, but there are also experts in:

  • Copywriting
  • Paid Search
  • Funnel architecture
  • Launches (that’s Jeff, hah)
  • Creating passive income streams
  • Business coaching
  • etc

The goal is to bounce potential business ideas off of others in the group, in order to make sure you are heading in the right direction, have the right strategy, new strategies, etc.


Mapping out our user experiences!

We also have a lot of fun when we are there. #WorkHardPlayHard

A few photos from last year (much more to come this year!)

(Click on photo for lightbox preview to view them all consecutively)

I’m about to head out to my second Mastermind Trip tomorrow (As I write this…I went to Park City last year as well)

I’m very excited about being in the room with the best. It enables me to elevate my Digital Marketing, literally, years ahead of what I would be without it. #Grateful

(Look for a better recap next week with much more photos and videos this year!)

Sundance Film Festival.

It just so happened that the Mastermind last year was right after the Sundance Film Festival.So naturally, my girlfriend and I thought it would be a great time to cross this Festival off our bucket list!

Here are some photos from the Festival – highly recommend going if you ever get the chance. “Seeing Allred” was debuted here a few weeks before it came out on Netflix and was a real treat. Gloria made an appearance there, too!

Gloria Allred after her Sundance Premiere!

Digital Marketing Is A Game.

2019 is an “all in” year.

After I leave these Masterminds Digital Marketing really feels like a game. I mean that in a good way…it’s a very fun game!

Being around these types of people really gets me excited about where I’m going to take my business in the coming months/years.

Nothing better than starting off your year with the best!


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