Hiking Mount Quandary in the Winter


Mount Quandary is one of my favorite Colorado hikes to do in the Winter. It just so happens to be a 14’er, which makes it all that much more epic.

Some reasons why I think it remains one of the best Winter 14’ers to summit are:

  • Proximity to Denver (Less than a 2-hour drive from Denver)
  • Very close to Breckenridge (Which makes for a great burger and brew afterward (you have to hit “Breckenridge Brewery” – and I usually have brought my computer with to work from a coffee shop in the afternoon. “The Crown” is my favorite)
  • A fairly “quick hike” if you are in decent shape (Perfect challenge – its not Longs Peak, nor do I want it to be in the Winter Time. Should plan for 3-6 hours round trip depending on your fitness level and your snowshoe expertise…1 hour if you are skinning up, skiing down 🤪)
  • You’re pretty much guaranteed to see at least one mountain goat (I’m 5/5)

This video pretty well sums up Yury, Artem, and my descent shortly after summiting Quandary on Winter Solstice (12.21.18):

We took the East Ridge Route, yet I only have data for 2 miles as my phone died after that:

Total distance: 2.09 mi
Max elevation: 12772 ft
Total climbing: 1946 ft
Total time: 02:36:39

Click on photo for lightbox viewing with caption (all photos taken by Ryan with iPhone and edited in Adobe Lightroom)

Video I made and uploaded to YouTube (all taken with Ryan’s iPhone 7 and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro)

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