The Holidays in Downtown Denver


Downtown Denver certainly offers a lot during the Holidays. Union Station, much like the City Council building, is all lit up and beautiful at night. Outside of Union Station, they have a market with tents now, as you can see in some photos below.

Ice Skating at Skyline Park is just as busy as ever, but 100% apart of the “must-dos” around the Holiday time of the year. Just across the street from Skyline Park is the Christkindlmarkt Market. This has definitely grown in size with everything from Holiday ornaments, to authentic German food (coming from a North Dakotan where we take our German food seriously), and a massive tent to warm everyone with live music, fresh beer, and singing loud for all to hear (I just watched “Elf“)

I’ll be heading back there soon to try more of their German foods and have a beer as well. I’ll definitely write a recap of it 🙂

Cheers and hope you enjoy the photos and videos.

Click on photo for lightbox viewing with caption (all photos taken by Ryan with iPhone and edited in Adobe Lightroom)

Videos I made and uploaded to YouTube (taken with Ryan’s iPhone and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro)


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