Digital Dealer 25th Anniversary – Las Vegas


I had the opportunity to visit Digital Dealer once again for my 2nd year in a row. I have worked as a Digital Marketer in the automotive industry for 5 years now and I’ve feeling quite confident with all areas of it – and going to conferences like Digital Dealer really help that.

Anyone who is anyone will go to Digital Dealer in the Digital Marketing Automotive space – hence the name, “Digital Dealer”.

Usually, when I go to conferences, I find 1 or 2 really good talks that I take a lot away from. This time, I found one that I really took a lot away from.

Here are some photos to recap the experience of the conferences, and walking around Vegas, which I do enjoy (just not the gambling or anything else about Vegas, part, hah)

Click on photo for lightbox viewing with caption (all photos taken by Ryan with an iPhone 7 and edited in Adobe Lightroom)

Video I shot of walking around the Las Vegas Strip at night (shot with my iPhone XS and not edited)



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