Meet Edwardo. The Overdressed Mountain Goat.


Day before Spring – March 19th, 2017. Quandary Peak: 14,265 feet.

There are SO many ways in which you can change every day routines, like your commute, recycling, your diet, etc…just y being a little more thoughtful.

We have much more of an impact than most of us realize…

Here are some monetary ways to make a difference:

Environmental Defense Fund

Founded in 1967, the Environmental Defense Fund, or EDF, is most famous for getting the EPA to ban the DDT chemical in 1972. In the years since, the organization has expanded its efforts from addressing environmental pollutants to also focus on combating climate change and overfishing and advocate for sustainable farming and ranching practices. Donate to the EDF here

Sierra Club Foundation

The Sierra Club Foundation is the financial support arm of the Sierra Club. Their goals include promoting protections for public land, advocating for the United States to transition to a clean energy economy, and expanding access to the outdoors across cultural and economic lines. The organization’s Beyond Coal and Environmental Law Programs will be especially critical during Trump’s term. Donate to the Sierra Club Foundation here.


Earthjustice is an environmental organization that works to protect the environment through battles in the courtroom. Donate to Earthjustice here.

Natural Resources Defense Council

The Natural Resources Defense Council has numerous environmental programs focusing on everything from addressing concerns in urban environments to funding scientific research in support of legislative measures and changes. Donate to the Natural Resources Defense Council here

Conservation International

In addition to its nature conservation work in the United States, this Virginia-based nonprofit partners with local communities all over the world to secure land rights and advocate for environmental protections. Donate to Conservation International here.

All the organizations listed above have national and international reach, but as always check out organizations local to you. Charity watchdog websites such as Charity Watch or Charity Navigator are helpful in ensuring that the money and time you donate to nonprofits are being well-spent. Now go on out there and fight for the earth. And Edwardo.

Blooper reel up at 10,000 Feet…

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