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I ran the 2013 San Francisco Marathon as my first ever. I was quite surprised I finished that race as I had a partial hamstring tear just a week before the race. With some awesome physical therapy treatment and staying off it as much as a could, I managed to not further hurt it and still get really close to qualifying for Boston (I came in at 3:05:56…: 56 seconds off qualifying!)

I did make a bathroom stop at mile 2, so that was pretty ridiculous!

The marathon is one of the only, if not the only time of the year where the Golden Gate Bridge is shut down. It was a pretty surreal experience to see the sunrise while running over the foggy San Francisco morning.

I really enjoyed the course – and highly recommend it if you aren’t averse to a little more challenging, hilly terrain.

I also recommend San Francisco as a travel destination to anyone. Such a socially liberal and fun creative arts city. Yet, it feels very classy and sophisticated in the right manner as well.

Timelapse of Union Square in Downtown San Francisco

I had a great balance of spending time exploring on my own and with my Aunt, Cousin, and my friend from college who was there as well.

I will definitely be back to San Francisco and be spending more time there when I’m back! (and you can expect a full Alcatraz roll of photos to be here, too)

Click on photo for lightbox viewing with caption (all photos taken by Ryan with iPhone and Canon Rebel T3i and edited in Snapseed and Adobe Lightroom)

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